500gb hard drive replacement


Your hard drive is the heart of your computer. Without it, it’s impossible for you to store your apps, pictures, and documents. Because your hard drive is such a high-capacity device, it’s often prone to problems. Whether you’re computer is an Apple product or a Dell, a hard drive replacement can repair issues and restore storage capability to your device.

RepairStop in Northridge is your source for hard drive replacement in the San Fernando Valley. Our highly-qualified staff members are able to troubleshoot your current drive and explore your options. If a replacement is needed, nothing but the highest quality parts will be used, allowing your computer to get up and running sooner.

Is your hard drive damaged or in need of a storage upgrade? Our hard drive upgrade/replacement service is just what you need! Our professional technicians will install a brand new 500gb standard SATA hard drive. We do offer different storage size and solid state upgrades! please call and speak with our computer technicians for a price quote. 818-435-8171

*We will make every attempt to recover or transfer your data, but there is no guarantee that all files will be able to be recovered/transferred. There are many things that may prevent this, including failed hard drives, corrupt data, malware, and other issues. That’s why we always recommend keeping a current backup of all your important user data along with any applications you may have installed. If we are not able to transfer personal data, you will not be charged for the data transfer.