iPhone 6s Repair


iPhone 6S Repair

1. iPhone 6S Repair Diagnostic Services - Free 
If you’re not quite sure what’s wrong with your iPhone, bring or send it in. We’ll diagnose your iPhone and decide whether your problem is hardware or software related and upon your approval, we’ll repair only what you ask us to repair. 

2. iPhone 6S Glass Repair - $159 
Whether you’ve completely shattered the screen on your iPhone 6S or just cracked it, this is the repair you need. 

3. iPhone 6S Glass & LCD - $189 
If you cant see anything on your display this is the repair for you. 

4. iPhone 6S headphone jack repair service - Call For Price 
Choose this repair if the headphone jack on your iPhone 6S is no longer working, or if you’ve broken a headphone jack off inside of the port. We use original factory Apple replacement parts for these repairs. 

5. iPhone 6S bottom microphone repair service - Call For Price 
If people complaining that they can’t hear you when you’re talking, or if they are complaining that your voice sounds crackly or distorted, this repair will fix the problem. Our highly trained Apple specialists will replace your bottom microphone with original factory Apple parts to restore your phone to out of the box condition. 

6. iPhone 6S bottom loud speaker repair service - Call For Price 
Your bottom loud speaker is responsible for playing all of your alerts, alarms, ringtones, movies, music and games. If the sound has become distorted or does not play at all, this iphone 6S repair will solve the problem. After we’ve installed a brand new, original factory loud speaker, your iPhone 6S will sound the same as it did the day you pulled it out of the box. 

7. iPhone 6S volume button and mute switch repair service - Call For Price
 If you aren’t able to turn the volume of your iPhone 6S up or down because the buttons have become jammed or unresponsive, we can restore full functionality of your iPhone 6 volume controls. We only use original factory replacement parts for all of these repairs. 

8. iPhone 6S battery replacement services - Call For Price
Over time, a bad battery can overheat and begin to swell. This can damage the internal parts of your iPhone. Even if your battery isn’t overheating or swelling, if it seems like your iPhone 6S just won’t hold a charge anymore, it may be time to replace your battery. We use original factory high capacity replacement batteries.

9. iPhone 6S Repair Lightning charger port service - Call For Price 
An inability to charge your iPhone 6S and an inability of iTunes to recognize your iPhone can occur for a number of reasons. In most cases, replacing the Lightning charger port of your iPhone 6S will resolve this problem. However, we recommend that you check a few things first before having your iPhone repaired.
  • Are you using an original charging cable?
  • If so, will the same cable charge other similar devices?
  • Will your iPhone charge with a different cable?
  • Have you checked for the presence of pocket lint or other debris inside the port?
  • Is the Lightning connector broken off inside the port? 

10. iPhone 6S Repair ear piece speaker service - Call For Price 
If the ear piece speaker of your iPhone 6S is sounding distorted, or if it’s not working at all, we can restore full functionality by replacing the earpiece speaker. We only use original factory replacement parts for all of these repairs. 

11. iPhone 6S repair home button service - Call For Price
 When you press the home button, there is a small flex cable underneath the button that sends the signal to the iPhone’s main system board. If and when this flex cable wears out, our highly trained technicians can replace the flex cable and restore full functionality to your iPhone 6S home button. 

12. iPhone 6S Repair lock / sleep button service - Call For Price
Over time the top lock button on your iPhone 6S can become jammed or otherwise unresponsive. If your iPhone 6S is out of Care warranty when this problem occurs, we can replace the flex cable and restore full functionality to the button.